The details


    Increase Traffic
  • Every email sent includes your domain and advertises your site
  • Half of the messages sent include your promotional signature and a link back to your site
  • Users personally endorse your site by associating themselves with your domain name

    Keep Visitors
  • Users will return to your site to check mail every time they use the Internet
  • Visitors will stay longer to read and send email
  • Users will become loyal members of your community
  • You will have a way to stay in touch with visitors and invite them back to your site

    Make Money
  • More traffic, more pages, and longer visits give you more page views
  • You get half of the banner ads to sell and keep the revenue
  • A community of frequent visitors increases your site's value
  • You can easily contact users and promote anything you want



Extreme Customization means your email service will match your site exactly

Your Email Domain
Offer email addresses @yourdomain, with addresses like JohnDoe@yourdomain, or offer addresses under the domain, with addresses like With our Domain Graduation program, you can sign up and offer email under our domain, with addresses, and easily graduate to addresses @yourdomain later.

Your Web Address
You can let your users access the service at your URL for more complete branding, or offer it at our URL for quicker set up. You can change this address anytime.

Select a template that best matches your site; choose from several different layouts.

Your Colors and Fonts
Set navigation bar, primary bar and secondary bar colors. Choose font colors and styles for navigation bars, links and content.

Your Logos, Banners and Backgrounds
Upload your company banner, logo and background to appear throughout your service.

Your Navigation Buttons
Choose from a wide variety of navigation buttons or upload your own.

Your Stationery
A great way to promote your site, upload stationery your users can use to enhance their outgoing messages.

Your Text Messages
Use HTML and text to create messages for the login page, welcome page, page title, and copyright message. Use this space to promote your offering and brand the service to your site.

Your Signature
Create a signature that will appear at the end of your users email messages, you can include a link to encourage the recipient to visit your site. A flexible and powerful application for you Scalable Sign up as many users as you want, we'll host them all for free.

Online Control Center
Log in to our simple but extremely powerful Control Center to add, change and manage the service at anytime from anywhere.

Banner Ads
You get half of the banner ads to keep or sell and can administer them through the Control Center.

Forwarding Accounts
Create forwarding accounts instantly so you can access internal addresses as you do now. For example, if you currently use the address webmaster@yourdomain and receive mail for that address in a POP account, you can specify that as a forwarded address and continue to receive mail for that address in your POP account.

It's Free
Plug-in-Email is absolutely free for you and for your end users. We can offer this service at no charge by using our share of the advertising space to cover our operating costs.

Manage Users
Access the user management section of our Control Center anytime to easily manage and delete end users.

Site Statistics
Comprehensive site statistics give you valuable information about when your users accessed the service, how they accessed it, and much more.

Send Mail to All Users
Promote directly to your users at anytime through our Control Center with the Send Mail to All Users feature.

Extremely Fast, Scalable, and Reliable
We've partnered with Cisco, Network Appliance, Sun, F5 Networks, and to provide a service that is incredibly fast, reliable, and massively scalable.

A full-featured client for your end users

Web based
Free, secure, permanent email accounts that are accessible from anywhere, at anytime.

Enormous Accounts
Whopping 6MB accounts can store large attachments and vast quantities of mail.

Extremely Fast
Lightning fast service due to our world-class network.

Send attachments of unlimited size.

Convenient folders allow the user to create new folders as needed and move messages into any folder directly from the inbox.

Address Book
Easy to use address book stores name, birthday, comments, much more and allows multiple contacts to be grouped together.

User defined filters and advanced automatic filters prohibit SPAM.

mail retrieval Instantly retrieve messages from POP accounts.

HTML mail capability lets users enhance their messages with different font styles, sizes, and colors.

Account Status Reminder
Welcome page displays the number of unread messages and mail storage space used.

Built-in help explains all features at every step.

Message Search
Message search lets users find messages that contain a particular word or phrase, were sent on a specific date, are a certain size, etc.

Personal Signature
Users can create and change their personal signature.

Aliases and Reply Addresses
Users can personalize outgoing mail with aliases and reply addresses.

Personal Profile
Users can edit and update personal information and change their password anytime.