Hotplugins Forums, or Message Boards, add interactivity to your Web Site. As visitors can publically discuss topics of interest in your Forum. Posting new messages and replying to existing ones is simple and fun. Your forum is completely customizable so you can make it look just like the rest of your site.

Here are a few features of Hotplugins Forums:

  • Customize the title graphic, the title and a sub-title description.
  • Choose any background graphic and color.
  • Pick suitable colors for the text: posts that have been read or not read.
  • Check out the fancy little icons that symbolize the nature of the post.
  • Receive notification by e-mail when someone posts in your forum.
  • Allow or disallow HTML in the forum postings.
  • Delete any unwanted posts.
  • IP address banning allows you to stop people from posting.